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2011 South Dakota Teacher of the Year

Teaching, Leading, Learning


This past week I attended the 2013 Systems Change Conference in Chamberlain, SD. It was at this conference and location in Chamberlain that I was honored to be named the 2011 South Dakota Teacher of the Year. Congratulations to LuAnn Lindskov of Timber Lake on being named the 2014 South Dakota Teacher of the Year. She has many amazing experiences ahead of her and many extraordinary memories to create.

At the conference, Katie Anderson (2013), Pat Moller (2012), and I did a couple breakout sessions titled Teaching, Leading, Learning. The sessions were designed to promote the South Dakota Teacher of the Year program. Unfortunately only a small percentage of South Dakota school districts have a teacher of the year program. This recognition at local, regional, and state levels of teachers shines a light on the many contributions of teachers in our state. We each also shared a little about our time as the South Dakota Teacher of the Year and the ways in which we have grown personally and professionally. Resources from our presentations can be found at


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Brookings Optimists Club


On Tuesday morning, October 30, 2012 I attended a meeting of the Brookings Optimist Club. I was able to tell about some of the wonderful, memorable experiences I had as the 2011 South Dakota Teacher of the Year. As I looked at the pictures and shared some of my special memories I realized again just how fortunate I have been. Many thanks!


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Brookings Register Article


The Brookings Register ran a great article about the new South Dakota Legends & Learning website this weekend. Many thanks!

Article –

Camelot Team

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South Dakota Legends & Learning


Well, we did it! The new website South Dakota Legends & Learning went LIVE this week!  The goal of the project was to create a website that provides information about some of the inductees for students of the South Dakota Hall of Fame. The South Dakota Department of Education got the project rolling with a grant, and other sponsors joined in on the effort. A team of six 4th grade teachers from my school came together to design the interactive site. Students can read short biographies, listen to audio, see images and video, explore a map and images of the inductees’ hometowns, plus play games and activities to practice vocabulary, comprehension, and other skills. It has been an exciting and challenging project. You can view the site at Have fun learning about some special South Dakotans!

South Dakota Legends & Learning


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Why I Teach


Last year at this time the 2011 Teachers of the Year gathered in New York City. The Pearson Foundation asked us to answer the question “Why do you teach?” and create short videos. The videos can be seen online at There are many inspirational answers that continue to inspire me. Thanks to Pearson and CCSSO for reminding me of the commitment of great teachers in my school, district, state, and across the country.


Golden Service Club


This morning I spent a little time with the Golden Service Club of Brookings. I shared a little about my adventure in China with them. They were a great group which included many friends. Thanks to them all for a special morning!

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Common Core Summer Institute


July 16-20, 2012 I attended Bringing the Common Core to the Classroom Summer Institute. The institute was put on by Pearson in Palm Springs. There were about 500 educators from across the country in attendance, including some friends from the group of 2011 Teachers of the Year.

Friends at the Pearson Summer Institute


At the JW Marriott Resort in Palm Springs

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China Adventure


What an amazing experience! Many thanks to the NEA Foundation, Pearson Foundation, and Education First for such a memorable adventure!




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Fun in Shanghai


Shanghai Middle School Visit









An Evening of Fun in Shanghai









Good Bye to Good Friends!

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Bullet Train to Shanghai


Bullet Train to Shanghai


Headed to Shanghai


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